Dismantle Your Metal Structures

Ask about our metal shearing services

Many commercial and agricultural buildings are made of metal. But a lot of scrap yards don't take large metal scrap, so you need to find a way to trim it down before you dump it. That's where RTS Shearing comes in.

We provide on-site metal demolition and shearing services to break apart your scrap metal. With the right tools and skills on hand, we can trim any piece of scrap metal in your yard.

RTS Shearing's fleet of excavator mounted shears can make quick work of your scrap metal piles! We are able to provide on-site shearing support to scrapyards, demolition contractors and railroads throughout the United States.

Call now for professional shearing services at your job site.

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Do you need professional shearing services?

Many businesses need some level of shearing services to maintain or expand their production. When you're building or demolishing a metal structure, turn to RTS Shearing for the cutting or trimming services you need. We're the go-to shearing company for:

  • Homestake Mine
  • FMC Corporation
  • Kerr-McGee
  • Occidental Petroleum
  • Climax Mine

Reach out to us today to schedule on-site shearing services.