Free Your Lot of Unwanted Structures

Get professional demolition and scrap metal services today

Knocking down an old home or building will leave you with a lot of scrap metal and construction debris, most of which is too big to haul away. Let RTS Shearing handle your metal processing and cleanup needs with our professional metal shearing and hauling services, available in Jamestown, ND. We can trim or cut your large scrap metal to make it easier to haul or reuse.

Discover our on-site scrap metal services

When you need an old building demolished or have a pile of scrap metal you need to get rid of, make RTS Shearing your go-to team. We offer a variety of top-notch and affordable services, including:

  • Residential and commercial demolition
  • Scrap metal shearing and processing
  • Material crushing and recycling
  • Material delivery and debris hauling
  • Environmental cleanup and remediation

We can safely demolish and clean up hazardous buildings or materials, like asbestos and black mold. Our team receives in-house OSHA and MSHA safety training to handle hazardous materials. Call now for professional demolition and trucking services.

Put your project in professional hands

RTS Shearing is leading the way in demolition, excavation and trucking services throughout the Midwest plains and Rocky Mountain states. Since 1998, we've built a strong reputation for effective scrap metal processing and strive to maintain our quality services to this day. We continue to invest in our professional training and equipment to provide you with the results you need.

Contact our licensed, bonded and insured company today to see how we can serve you. You can also ask about our employment opportunities.