Make Room for Something New

Get complete demolition from local professionals

Has your old building been condemned? Are you planning on rebuilding after storm damage? Make room for new and better construction with professional demolition services.

RTS Shearing is a member of the National Demolition Association and offers full-service demolition for all types of buildings. From apartment buildings and retail stores to coal mines and power plants, we can safely knock down any size building with precision.

We have a fleet of trucks and equipment that can deliver the demolition, excavation and hauling services you need. Contact our experts today to schedule a consultation.

Trust our process

Trust our process

RTS Shearing offers a wide range of demolition services to meet your project needs. We can do any level of demolition, including:

  • Building demolition
  • Gravel base demolition
  • Land clearing and grading
  • Mass excavation
  • Utility line trenching

Trust our experienced team to deliver great results. Call now for professional demolition and excavation services.